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Pumas CU in search for a head coach

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pumas cu14After being separated Otto Becerril from  the Pumas CU, now Pumas seeks a coach, and the question is, who will command the fate of this team from this season?.

With the change of authorities in the UNAM little by little they were having changes in the American football program. First, coach Raúl Rivera left the command of the UNAM team to become President of the ONEFA, which  two years later he had to leave. At the same time and after the departure of Rivera the head coach position was in the hands of Otto Becerril, a coach faithful to the principles of his predecessor, but the action taken in the just concluded campaign where they did not reach the final was the argument to separate him from the squad along with a large part of his staff.

Now the landscape must change in the Pumas, since it will be from the same Rector office where the appointment of new head coach of the team and apparently there are at least three names that are mentioned  in the corridors of the UNAM, all of them with a very different profile from Raúl Rivera and Otto Becerril.

The first of them is Felix Buendía, an excellent defensive lineman in his time, including captain with the Pumas and wearing the colors of the UNAM tattooed on his chest. He also has experience as a coach more than proven; he is a coach of the Accounting School  team in the same university, as well as the one in charge of driving the Condors' destiny in the LFA, without leaving aside his academic load as teacher in that institution.

Ulises Gutiérrez, a current head coach of Centinelas, is a name that is mentioned, a group that goes through serious problems when the school where the presidential personnel were trained disappeared. If he is free, that could be an option for the Pumas.

And the third in the list is another great former player, Pavel Toxqui, also very identified with American football, young as usual today and have no relationship with the previous coaches of the UNAM, as with Felix Buendia.

Time is running and the authorities of the UNAM have to hurry in the appointment of their new coach, since  the first days of February in Puerto Vallarta will be held the Congress of the ONEFA, where in addition to the election of a new Board of directors, important issues will also be discussed and it is essential to have the coach in that moment to make the right decisions for the league and its institution.

There are coaches with capacity  in the UNAM, only thing missing is that they have the profile that the rector office looks for. That's the point.