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First Responder Bowl: Boise State vs. Boston College canceled, due to inclement weather

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boston college01The First Responder Bowl between No. 25 Boise State and Boston College was canceled Wednesday due to severe weather in the area.

The game played at The Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, got underway Wednesday afternoon but was put into a weather delay with Boston College leading 7-0 with 5:08 in the first quarter. Lightning in the area caused the game to be delayed, and after a waiting period of nearly 90 minutes, officials got together and decided to cancel the game after peering at the local forecast. Thunderstorms and wind are expected to continue throughout the day and into the early morning hours, which ultimately made it impossible to attempt to get the postseason game in.

Even though Boston College led 7-0 at the time of the delay, the game was officially ruled a no contest, meaning neither team will be considered the winner or the loser, and any stats accumulated in the game do not count. The no contest ruling and subsequent explanation should answer any questions some bettors may have.

Boise State finishes its 2018 season with a record of 10-3, and came within one win of capturing the Mountain West championship, losing to Fresno State in the title game. Boston College finishes its season at 7-5.